Giovanni’s Gems Online Slots

This time around, it is Betsoft’s responsibility to blow our minds, and things are shaping up to be quite promising. The game, if you were wondering? It is known as Giovanni’s Gems Online Video Slots, or mobile slots if you prefer. These days, the vast majority of casino games (if not all of them) are made available on both desktop and mobile platforms, which is a fantastic development. Betsoft is the industry leader when it comes to 3D video slot games, which you may or may not be aware of. In point of fact, if I may venture such a bold statement, I’d argue that they’ve elevated it to the level of an art form. But with Giovanni’s Gems, it is more than just the elegant veneer of the game; it is also the drastically unusual reel structure that is utilised, and along with that, the way in which you can earn your wins.

It’s something I’ve said quite a few times: NetEnt are great pros when it comes to making use of and capitalizing on an extremely basic concept in order to offer players something fresh. I’m not going to take back what I just said, but I will say that there is a new sheriff in town, and its name is Betsoft. Therefore, before I, along with the other gambling enthusiasts on the panel, tell you more about this brand-new and ground-breaking game, we felt it would be best to spend a few of bills and tell you where you can play it first.

You may give it a shot at the Rich Casino.

We have talked about the Rich Casino, and our conversation has gone into a fair amount of detail. If you would like to read the whole review, scroll down and click on the sitemap. This will take you directly to the page where the review is located. You also have the option to click straight here to obtain additional information. I’ll be brief. It’s always a good sign when a business that opened in 2008 hasn’t shut its doors yet, and that’s the case with the Rich Casino. If you can make it through a few years in this industry, you have a good chance of making it through a few more.

The Rich Casino, also known as just Rich Casino, is what’s known as a multi-powered software business. This designation indicates that the casino draws its assortment of gaming content from a variety of different software providers. The days of only having to deal with one provider are quickly coming to an end. In today’s market, you really need more suppliers if you want to remain relevant and competitive. You may play casino games created by Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Rival, and other developers on your mobile device or computer. In a nutshell, you should give them a try.

Giovanni’s Gems: Look & Feel

The Giovanni’s Gems online and mobile slots do away with the traditional reel structure in favor of providing us with something novel, exciting, and innovative instead. This game utilizes a 7 x 7 reel design rather than the standard 5 reels and 25 paylines seen in most slot machines. That’s seven on top and seven across. This game is completely based on fantasy, therefore players should be prepared to encounter strange-appearing characters, valuable stones, and the tools that would normally be used to dig for such valuable stones. This is another game that does not reward victory in the traditional manner. An alternative way to win is to have at least five symbols of the same kind connect with each other. It makes no difference how they land as long as they are all in contact with one another.

Giovanni’s Jewels: A Selection of Features

The gamble element, which has been around for a while and is still popular, is included in Giovanni’s Gems. There was a period of time, not too long ago, during which it appeared as though this functionality was going to be eliminated. I believe that it may have been related in some way to the use of excessive force. For example, at one point in time, Microgaming was unable to publish a game unless it included some kind of gambling component. In any case, I absolutely adore a feature called a gamble simply because it provides an additional way to win and the odds of doing so are exactly the same every time. It’s the same as playing roulette with double the stakes or nothing at all.  When a winning combination is created, the value of each symbol is determined by the amount of coins it contributes to the total. The sack of stones is the most valuable of all of the symbols, and it will pay out 1,500 coins if 25 of them are connected to each other.

If it didn’t have that certain something that sets it apart from other games, of course we wouldn’t be giving it any love or attention. When there is a coal sign adjacent to a winning combination, Giovanni’s diamonds will result in larger and more valuable wins. The coal transforms into a diamond and serves as a scatter symbol after the transformation. When at least five Giovanni symbols are displayed anywhere on the screen, the Free Spins bonus round will be activated. If you’ve had a lot of luck up to this point in the game, you could win as many as fifty free spins, at which point you might as well start making preparations to withdraw your winnings.